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Collaborate with Merino.Tech

Dear Influencers,

We are pleased to extend an invitation for potential collaboration with you. We are keen to collaborate with individuals who share our passion for quality, sustainability, and style. In exchange for high-quality content and exposure on your Facebook and Instagram platforms, we are prepared to provide our products free of charge.

What We Offer:
  • High-quality products from our latest collections.
  • Exposure on our social media channels, including tagging and featuring your content to our engaged audience.
  • Potential for extended collaboration based on the quality and engagement of your content. This may include further product partnerships and opportunities for sponsored posts.
Expectations from Influencers:
  • Create engaging and authentic content showcasing our products in various settings (e.g., unboxing, lifestyle shots, product reviews, outfit inspiration).
  • Tag and use the hashtag #merinotech in all posts related to our products.
  • Maintain a positive and genuine representation of our brand in your content.
  • Provide insights and feedback to help us improve our products and collaborations.
Additional Opportunities:

If the quality and impact of your content will resonate with our audience, we will offer to boost your Facebook posts to reach a wider audience. This presents an opportunity for increased exposure and engagement, benefiting both parties involved.

How to Proceed:

If you are interested in collaborating with, please reach out to us via direct message. Please include details about your audience demographics, engagement rates, and any previous brand collaborations you have undertaken.