We have started Merino.tech brand as quality and affordable hiking closing apparel. To facilitate all those adventurous people who enjoy to its fullest their freedom granted by nature. Traveling, exploring, meeting new people, immersing in new cultures, connecting the world, turning it into a better safer place for everyone. And we will keep improving our apparel and services to meet the expectations of you amazing people.

But today we'd like to tell you about Ukraine - an awesome place for hiking which is at the moment being destroyed and devastated, a home to great people who are being killed for pursuing their freedom and defending values of the civilized world. Ukraine is where a lot of our team members are from, so we do our best to support them and encourage you to do that as well.

What we will tell you in this email:

  1. Why Ukraine requests the "no fly zone"
  2. The war crime evidence: a video of how Ukrainian cities full of civilians are being shelled by Russian army
  3. The ways you can help today
  4. Support provided by  Merino.tech 

1. Why Ukraine requests the "no fly zone"

Losing the war against Ukrainian army russian terrorists revenge on the civilians shelling the biggest, most populated cities of Ukraine relentlessly, targeting residential areas and critical infrastructure, leading to deaths of hundreds (nearly 2000 civilians were already killed) and humanitarian crisis. Intentionally killing civilians is a war crime! Unfortunately Ukrainian army lacks resources to shelter all the cities from air. That is why Ukrainian people are desperately asking the West for a no-fly zone and to protect their sky.

"Ukrainian women and Ukrainian children are in deep fear because of bombs and missiles which are coming from the sky," says Daria Kaleniuk to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a news conference on Tuesday.

2. The war crime evidence

3. The ways you can help today

1) Donate.

There are numerous organizations that currently support Ukraine in many ways, such as United Help Ukraine, Razom for Ukraine, GlobalGiving Ukraine Relief Fund etc. If you are willing to donate, follow the links in this article prepared by NBC Chicago:

Or donate directly to Ukraine’s Armed Forces via the link below provided by National Bank of Ukraine:

2) Raise awareness by joining or organizing a peace protest in your city supporting Ukrainian people in their request for a no-fly zone. Here's the list of upcoming rallies by city https://www.stopputin.net/?fbclid=IwAR3Ihc67BCxBHcFhM_cNAHKnpK4pjYq-bn7eO9f1cXTblD4WHapdo5WMFc8 

3) Raise awareness by contacting your elected representatives and requesting their support for a no-fly zone over Ukraine

4) Raise awareness by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and supporting Ukrainian people in their request for a no-fly zone. The following hashtags will help reach more people #StandWithUkraine #NoFlyZone #CloseTheSky

4. Support provided by Merino.tech

1) Donated 200 pieces of our base layer sets to Territorial Defense Forces in Odesa
2) Support Territorial Defense Forces in Odesa financially
3) Support First Aid Room for Territorial Defense Forces in Kyiv
4) Support Marines in Odesa financially