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Merino Wool Hiking Socks - Multicolor: Light Grey, Charcoal, Black

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  • 85% Merino wool , 13% Stretch Nylon, 2% Spandex
  • NO CHEAP POLYESTER HERE: 85% Merino wool, 13% Stretch Nylon, 2% Spandex - For Best Hiking Experience. This exceptional composition makes these womens and mens wool socks perfect for outdoor activities as well as everyday wear in cold weather.
  • COMFORTABLE & DRY FEET: The high quality wool socks mens have natural heating and moisture wicking properties that keep your feet warm in the winter and dry during intensive physical activity. Constructed from fine New Zealand merino wool these thick wool socks are super breathable, soft, and comfy.
  • IDEAL FOR HIKING & EVERYDAY WEAR: These unisex wool crew socks merino are great for hiking, trekking, outdoor adventures, walking, travelling or everyday wear.
  • WICKING & ODOR FREE: Merino wool natural wicking and odor-resistant properties keep you extremely comfortable. Our merino wool socks for women and men are designed with a breathable top that allows heat to escape to prevent your feet from overheating or sweating on long treks, hikes, or climbs. Enjoy the benefits of wool socks, without the annoying itch.
  • EASY CARE: To preserve the high quality of these merino wool socks for men and women you should machine cold/warm wash them inside out & air-dry or tumble dry low (pilling is normal). These socks should not be bleached, ironed, or dry cleaned.

10 Reasons Why Mens and Womens Wool Hiking Socks are Perfect for You!
1. Affordable - Replace your cotton or polyester with unisex merino thermal socks - without breaking the bank!
2. Cold Season Comfort - The high quality women's wool socks have natural heating and moisture wicking properties that keep your feet warm and dry in winter and during intensive physical activity.
3. Perfect for Travel - Merino wool socks for women cold weather are ideal for multi-day wear with no stink and a lot of comfort in cold climates. Warm and cozy they are perfect longtime wear wool socks.
4. Easy Care - For longer lasting wear, machine cold/warm wash them inside out and air-dry or tumble dry low (pilling is normal).
5. High Quality - These are merino wool womens hiking socks for best hiking experience made of 85% Merino wool, 13% Stretch Nylon and 2% Spandex.
6. Ideal for Daily Wear - Enjoy the comfort and performance of these warm boot socks women and men every day - not just trail days.
7. Wicking and odor fre - Merino wool socks crew are made from the most breathable fabric and absorbs moisture better than other fabrics.<br>
8. <b>Itch-Free</b> - Ultra soft 85% Merino wool socks tall for men and women provide all day comfort and no itch!<br>
9. <b>UPF 50+ Protection</b> - The fibers of these thermal socks wool block out harmful rays from the sun.<br>
10. <b>Great for Any Occasion</b> - Fit for the trail, hunting, fishing, skiing, office, or night out.
Order Your Merino Wool Socks Now and Say Goodbye to Stinky Feet!<br>
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