Men's Merino Pants 250 Windsor Blue

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Experience the ultimate blend of warmth and comfort with our Merino Wool Pants.

Crafted from high-quality merino wool, these pants provide superior insulation and a cozy fit.

Whether you're facing the elements outdoors or enjoying a relaxed evening indoors, these versatile pants offer both style and snugness.

Elevate your winter wardrobe with this essential addition!



Washing and Drying Instructions

  • Turn Inside Out
  • Machine Wash Cold: Gentle cycle with like colors
  • Detergent: Mild or wool-specific
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Storage: Wash before storage and keep in a dry place, using airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bag to prevent moth.
  • Do NOT Use: Fabric softener or bleach!



Wool has the remarkable ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without ever feeling wet or sticky. In the event that it does become wet, wool outperforms cotton and polyester materials by providing superior insulation.


Merino Wool fibers possess a natural ability to repel bacteria in moisture or sweat, effectively wicking it away. This means you can wear our products without worrying about foot fungus or unpleasant odors.


Merino Wool offers excellent insulation against high temperatures and has a natural resistance to catching fire. In the rare event of ignition, it self-extinguishes without melting and adhering to the skin, unlike synthetic fabrics.


Merino Wool regulates moisture levels on your skin by absorbing any perspiration or sweat from your body, allowing it to evaporate from the fabric into the surrounding atmosphere.


Leave your sunburn worries behind as you ascend to sunlit peaks. Our lightweight layers provide a UPF rating of 25, while the midweight and expedition options offer an even higher UPF rating of 50+


Merino Wool boasts a minimal environmental footprint and seamlessly reintegrates into the natural world. Shear a merino sheep in the morning, and by afternoon, they're happily grazing their way towards renewing next season's wool clip

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Ed T.
so far so good and great customer support

I recently ordered a men's base layer top and decided to try the pants as well. They were on clearance and also came with socks so it was a good deal..The size was correct according to their chart (L fit me- 6 foot 195lb.). The socks were also fine. I've been wearing the socks and shirt but only used the pants once. Will see how they hold up after washing and wearing them more..I trash clothes so don't expect them to last forever.
One thing happened with the shirt that brought me back to this company. My base layer top was supposed to come with socks but it didn't so I contacted customer support. They responded immediately and sent a separate shipment with the socks..Customer service is rare these days but these guys did great job and got my repeat business as a result...

Mark C.
Great in the Snow

Went hiking, with a good snow pants on, I was warm hiking in 9 degree weather with snow up to my knees.

Larry S.

I wear them everyday, when outside, and no itching.

Ab e.

Pour mon travail de dehors en plein deinegement mais j avais sur moi un pontallon de ski vu que je supporte pas le froidJ ai porté ce pontalon très chaud et franchement j avais un autre de laine pure 100% de plus j avais le pontalon de skiCar je marchais beaucoup toutes la journéeVraiment j ai beaucoup aimé ce sous vetement 250 peut-être j acheterai celui de 350

Dale F.
Comfortable and warm

Great product, works great on those long day hikes in cold windy weather 👍